About Blog

The Android Dev!

Today I went fully bonkers and decided to write about this blog. And actually, there is a lot of useful things to write about, so let’s start with…

Purpose of this project

At the beginning of 2017, I found myself not being able to clearly answer what I was doing. I already knew who I wanted to become and I planned days but I wasn’t able to tell what I was doing when somebody asked me.

Consuming, Consuming, Consuming

I was reading 1000 pages of different books per day combined with 10 articles and 5 youtube videos. At the end of the day, I was lying to myself that I did a lot. Unfortunately, I only consumed a lot. Hopefully, I realized my fault and decided to produce a few times more than I consumed.

Consuming, Producing, Summarizing

I also wanted to create the habit of laser focusing on my goals. Information overload caused lack of understanding so I dug into specific fields instead of consuming everything, then I used and repeated knowledge immediately. I wanted to summarize knowledge and present things that I created. I realized that writing everything down is the best solution to memory leaks in the brain.

Writing down

My obsession with planning pushed me to sum up my days and write down new goals for next one in the evening. It was a great move because everything I did became intentional and I become a better thinker. Now I not only know something but I know how to explain it and how to use it today.

Benefits of The Android Dev

This blog grows slowly and I didn’t give it enough time. Nevertheless, it made me better at terrific skills like:

  • copywriting
  • storytelling
  • SEO
  • thinking
  • planning

But there is actually one thing that I have to improve for sure. It is lack of consistency.

If you don’t write anything, I recommend you to start today. It seems to be easier than it actually is. To be honest I deleted my first 20 posts. You wouldn’t want to see it.

And one more thing

That’s the end of the About Blog Page but you can check more of my current projects and goals here. There is always something interesting and I make changes every day. Yes, check it!

Thanks for reading!

PS: This blog is becoming my new resume! 😉