My Wins

What is “My Wins”?

My Wins is an app that makes storing successes easier.

It’s my first “bigger” Android app that uses a lot of libraries and was uploaded to Google Play. The app is very simple but it works well and looks good. It’s a great idea to find it up on GitHub if you are learning Android or want to check my skills. It’s still in development.

I’m focused on the most important features, trying to emphasize the signal over noise. You may notice that I spend time on making sure that code is readable. I’m not a designer and UX specialist but I pay attention to it.

This is the second version of this app- the first one was refactored using MVP pattern and ViewPager. It took me a lot of time but I gained a lot of practical knowledge and now the code is easier to read and improve.

You Can Find My Wins On

How it’s made

The project includes the third party libraries like:

And uses things like:

  • MVP pattern
  • Repository pattern
  • SOLID principles
  • CardView and RecyclerView
  • Fragment ViewPager

Things I will change

As I mentioned before it’s still in development so of course there are things I want to implement or improve:

  • Using RxJava
  • Better Database implementation
  • Clearer Dagger usage

For now, I don’t think that I will try to keep My Wins as my main project for a long time. Of course, some things have to be changed but I don’t want to implement things like Kotlin that will not be so useful here.

Biggest issues

Combining libraries

One of the first problems was to implement Circular Reveal animation and expandable FAB to trigger at the same time. I wanted to have an expandable menu that looks like the one from Evernote. There was no library so I combined two of them. It caused few problems with back button and timing but I fixed it. Looking back it seems to be pretty easy.

Sliding successes

The biggest issue was no architecture and poorly built foundations. I wanted to slide successes to see next and previous without going back and selecting next one from Recycler View. But I was not able to do it. I had to refactor app using MVP, Repository, and ViewPager and it was huge refactor. Now I know that it’s better to plan app from the beginning. This bug made me write Plan Your App post.

And one more thing

That’s the end of the My Wins Page but you can check more of my current projects and goals here. There is always something interesting and I make changes every day. Yes, check it!

Thanks for reading!