Notes of the Day 10-12-2017

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  1. Passive view should be as dumb as possible
  2. SearchView has its own Engine, View, and Presenter
  3. Mosby provides MVPBasePresenter, a presenter implementation which uses Weak Reference to hold the reference to the view (which is a Fragment or Activity) to avoid memory leaks
  4. Treat Activities and Fragments as Views
  5. When your presenter wants to invoke a method of the view you always have to check if the view is attached to the Presenter by checking isViewAttached() and using getView() to get the reference
  6. Use MvpLceActivity implements MvpLceView to not reimplement


  1. subscribeOn- move computations or blocking IO to some other thread
  2. ovserveOn- get data processed in the foreground or GUI
  3. Parallelism in RxJava means running independent flows and merging their results back into a single flow
  4. Use just() to simplify testing RxJava
  5. Stages of testing: Red, Green(anything that passes), Refactor


  1. Rebasing is rewriting your project history
  2. Interactive rebasing is used to clean up a messy history before merging a feature branch into develop
  3. Squashing is eliminating insignificant commits

Start with Why

  1. “Showing up that day was one of the WHATs to their own WHY”- on
    Martin Luther King speech
  2. “Energy motivates but charisma inspires”
  3. “We don’t want to work to build a wall, we want to come to work to build a cathedral”
  4. WHY- types need HOW- types to build something huge
  5. “it’s about feeling we belong”, “Anyone can participate in this movement”- on EFE
  6. “it was the film version of an individual rebelling against the status quo, igniting a revolution- on Apple Orwellian Advertisement
  7. Apple ads always show not a group of people but individuals. They definitely know their WHY


  1. Write the way you speak. If you don’t write poetry, spoken language seems to be better
  2. After writing the first draft, try explaining to a friend what you just wrote. Then replace the draft with what you said to your friend
  3. Don’t use SVG as PNG
  4. Android Studio generates PNG files based on SVG for versions below 5.0

My Android Priorities

1. Write better MVP (using Mosby)
2. Use Dagger properly in MVP
3. Improve kotlin implementing Retrofit + RxJava
4. Implement more ReactiveX things

I didn’t have good enough computer to code today but I was able to read books, artices, videos and take notes for 14h. I can’t wait to implement tomorrow as I will be back at my flat.

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