Notes of the Day 11-12-2017

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Life 3.0

  • “Life 3.0″ which doesn’t yet exist on Earth, can dramatically redesign not only its software but its hardware as well…”
  • “Life 3.0 is the master of its own destiny, finally fully free from its evolutionary shackles”
  • ¬†Qualia- individual instances of subjective experience
  • Singularity- intelligence explosion
  • Actual worry: AI turning competent, with goals misaligned with ours
  • It doesn’t need body, only internet connection
  • “Seeking missile has a goal”
  • Make sure that you and the person you talk to are using the same meanings of words you use
  • Human intelligence is broad, AI is narrow(now)
  • Moravec’s paradox- humans recognize faces easily but can’t multiply huge numbers

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