Notes of the Day 12-12-2017

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Life 3.0

  • There’s a remarkable theorem in computer science that says that NAND gates are universal, meaning that you can implement any well-defined function simply by connecting together NAND gates.
  • Hardware is the matter and the software is the pattern. Intelligence doesn’t require flesh, blood or carbon atoms.
  • The limit is 33 orders of magnitude (10^33 times) beyond today’s state of the art for how much computing a clump of matter can do.
  •  Quantum computer is ultimate parallel computer
  • “Evolution, as opposed to human engineers, doesn’t reward designs that are simple and easy to understand.”
  • Basic reinforcement learning- getting a positive reward increases your tendency to do something again and vice versa.
  • As AI get’s smarter it will identify situations where control should be transferred to a human.


  • Use methods like showToast, showSnackbar, hideKeyboard in BaseActivity.
  • “Do before you know.” – Andy Frisella

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