Essential Unessentials – Sunday Shot 1

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Is It Essential?

What’s up, programmer? It’s Sunday Shot- short read on the precise topic. Summary of important things I learned this week. This Saturday I want to write about stupid failure that you can avoid. It’s about learning things that you don’t need now. It’s about not so essential essentials.

Read Medium

This week I spent too much time on reading. I found few huge Android articles on medium. This site was my biggest discovery of the year and actually, I recommend it for everyone. It may sound obvious but many amateurs without college and programming job don’t have the idea that this site exists so I linked it. I didn’t know it too for many months. You can find a lot of great articles there.

Mind Overflow Issue

What’s wrong with reading? Well, nothing if you do it well. But what well actually means? To make it easier to understand I will tell you how my day looked like.

I opened medium without a plan. Just wanted to find something new and useful. I found a big ass essentials article that linked few smaller ones. Of course, I wanted to finish it so I opened every link in a new tab. I ended up with 20+ tabs opened. Woah, that’s a lot of free information and everything is essential.

Of course, now I can read for example one smaller article per day. That would be smarter. Imagine being 1% better every day. One new important skill day-by-day. But wait… Is all of this really essential?


Not So Essential

Maybe it is essential… but not for me. Not now. I was gym newbie that read pro tips skipping a workout. I read about optimising code, reducing app size and few other things that I didn’t really need.

Reading about better solutions and practices is great. But reading anything is usually more comfortable than committing. So don’t waste time. Always know what you have to learn. Take what you planned to take and skip all fancy essential 2018 tips that are not included in your plan. Take it and then use it. Commit 10 times more.

Learn Just In Time

Really essential to me was to create the new Riff King app. To commit what I can do and then learn things that I have to do just in time. One by one. It’s better to read about one thing and then to use it immediately. Practising 100 kicks at the same time instead of mastering one is worse. Eating more calories than you can use is unhealthy. So why I read not so essential essentials instead of committing?

Thanks For Reading

It’s the end of this post but I have something for you. It’s my latest The 2019 Perfect Button Font Article… Yeah, just kidding. ;D

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