Riff King

Who is the Riff King?

I wrote some good guitar riffs but it’s definitely not me. There are many guitar videos on youtube but there is no guitarists ranking. What’s more, a lot of people focus on guitar solos so much that they forget about crushing guitar riffs. Sadly, people stop innovating and record covers instead of their creations. Covers are popular and they sell well but not in the Riff King app.

You Can Find Riff King On

How it’s made

The project includes third-party libraries like:

It also uses:

Things I will change

Riff King is not in v1.0 yet so there is a lot to change:

  • Organize packages
  • Implement MVP
  • Change real-time database behavior
  • Use Dagger
  • RxJava
  • Kotlin FIles

Biggest issues

Attention seeking bug

RIff King was popping on the screen by itself. It was caused by the real-time database that was updating info. Not everything was finished. My friend&family testers had to log off after testing. I guess it just wanted some attention. 😉

And one more thing

That’s the end of the Riff King Page but you can check more of my current projects and goals here. There is always something interesting and I make changes every day. Yes, check it!

Thanks for reading!